This is the epic story about a trucker and his motorized best friend, living their dreamy lives on the open road. BIG BUDDY BLUE is part of the non-commercial initiative TARP BLANCHE launched by the Swiss Bag manufacturers FREITAG, who asked five different Teams of Animators to tell the story of "Freitag - From Truck Till Bag" in five completely different ways. As the guys from FREITAG gave us no restrictions whatsoever, we went kinda crazy and gave our creative minds free reign! 

Making-Of & Interview



Client: Freitag AG
Produced by Team Tumult
Directors: Beni Morard, Frederic Siegel

Animation: Beni Morard, Frederic Siegel, Nina Christen, Justine Klaiber
Music & Sounddesign: Nico Kast
Soundmix: Jingle Jungle