Dear Habib // FEED ME LIGHT

"Dear Habib" tells the inspiring story of an afghan refugee and his experiences in the UK. We had the honour to go to London for a few weeks to co-direct the film together with the Syrian Director Majid Adin at the Feed Me Light Studio in Shoreditch.

2018 Swiss Industry Award, Fantoche CH


A Feed Me Light Production in collaboration with:
Becoming Adult, Positive Negative, University of Oxford Refugee Centre, University of Birmingham, Iris, CEID UCL, ESRC.

Directed by Majid Adin & Team Tumult
Written and Produced by Ryan Goodwin-Smith
With the voice talent of Elham Ehsas

Art Direction: Frederic Siegel
Storybard and Animatic: Beni Morard

Music Composition: David Kamp
Sound Design: Fonic


2D animation: Julien Becquer, Nina Christen, Justine Klaiber, Conor Ryan
Additional Storyboard: Johann Auroux
Additional Colour: Christa Jarrold
Additional Compositing: Mathieu Dellabe

Creative Producers: Habib Rezaie, Gullican Zada

Becoming Adults Researchers: Dr Elaine Chase, Jennifer Allsopp, Dr Nando Sigona

PositiveNegatives Team: Rachel Shapcott, Emily Oliver