Awaken! Creatures of Rock // Greenfield Festival

We got another chance to whip up a series of shorts for the Greenfield Festival in Interlaken. We picked up the eerie
black and white visual of this years campaign and summoned our own creatures of rock to star in these 3 idents.


Client: Greenfield Festival AG
Directed by Team Tumult
Justine Klaiber, Nina Christen, Marwan Abdalla Eissa
Design: Justine Klaiber, Nina Christen, Audrey Le Berre - Ode
Storyboard: Justine Klaiber

Producer: Marwan Abdalla
Modelsheets: Justine Klaiber
Animation: Justine Klaiber, Nina Christen
Compositing: Marwan Abdalla Eissa
Music & Sounddesign by: Nico Kast