Rollschuhe // Panda Lux

Panda Lux are grieving for the lack of summer and wish to kick winter's ass! After the first successful colaboration for the song "Oben", we teamed up with the guys from Panda Lux again to create this weird and interweaved musicclip. 



Production: Coldkings & Team Tumult
Musik: Panda Lux
Lyrics: Silvan Kuntz
Directed by: Frederic Siegel & Marwan Abdalla Eissa
DOP: Phil Jaycob
Costumes: Charis Wiss
Make Up: Angelina Belintani

Cast: Jane Mumford, Michael Flückiger, Tobias Fluck, Theo Barmettler
Runners: Beni Morard, Justine Klaiber, Nina Christen, Galileo Disperati, Florian Winkler, Marc Bernegger
Editing: Marwan Abdalla Eissa
Animation: Frederic Siegel
Thanks to: Henrik & Michael Maurenbrecher, Eric Andreae