Similasan // Karling AG

Similasan made homeopathic medicine widely accessible in Switzerland.
And as this spot series shows, they've really got something for EVERY situation. These 18 little cartoons are shown in public transportation and TV.

(Check out all the full spots here.)



Client: Similasan AG
Agency: Karling AG
Produced by Team Tumult

Animation Director: Beni Morard
Illustrations: Beni Morard, Nina Christen, Frederic Siegel

Layout: Frederic Siegel, Nina Christen, Beni Morard
Animation: Frederic Siegel, Beni Morard, Nina Christen, Justine Klaiber, Etienne Mory, Joana Locher, Martin Hofer, Lisa Laser
Editor: Beni Morard
Sounddesign Christmas: Frederic Siegel
Sounddesign TV: Hastings AG