Star Track // Shortfilm

After it's glorious journey to filmfestivals throughout the galaxy, we present to you Star Track the movie! Follow the two cleaning guys Milroy and Herman on their furious ride on a mixtape driven spaceship.



Producer: Lucerne School of Art and Design
Director: Beni Morard, Nico Kast, Mario Wyler
Storyboard: Beni Morard
2D Animation: Beni Morard
Additional Animation: Mario Miles Wyler, Jan Janutin, Pascal Scherrer, Frederic Siegel
Background Artist: Nico Kast

Ink and Paint:  Mario Miles Wyler, Beni Morard, Veronica Ling, Julia Munz
Compositing: Nico Kast, Mario Miles Wyler, Beni Morard
Music: Pascal Schönenberger
Sounddesign and Mix: Thomas Gassman, Sebastian Wyss, Aline Höchli
Credits Design: Anais Voirol, Lukas Suter
Mentoring Dustin Rees, Tom Hänni