The Sound Of Crickets // Shortfilm

A young girl has to find the strength to fight for freedom and independence from her tyrannical mother.


Producer: Lucerne School of Art and Design
Director: Justine Klaiber
Script & Storyboard: Justine Klaiber
Illustration: Justine Klaiber
Layout: Justine Klaiber

Animation: Justine Klaiber
Additional Animation: Nina Christen, Jane Mumford

Background Artist: Justine Klaiber
Compositing: Justine Klaiber, Frederic Siegel
Editor: Justine Klaiber
Score: Andreas Bissig
Voice: Stella Gassmann, Marisa Jueni
Sounddesign: Evelyn Buri, Christof Steinmann
Mixing: Christof Steinmann